#40DaysComeTogether – 40 days to a Personal Revolution at BIG Yoga

40days_4 40days_3

Since marathon training is now over until the fall, I want to get into other forms of fitness for a while. I decided to sign up at Big Yoga for their 40 days of yoga challenge, this would be a great jump start to getting better at yoga and taking care of my body.  Also, it would be a great way to take some time and focus on myself.  This challenge is more than just 40 days of yoga, it’s about making yourself present and to stop worrying about what happened in the past or what will happen in the future.  To live NOW and to live BIG. The marathon was a disappointment, along with other personal issues going on.  As hard as I try, being happy with myself has proven to be difficult.  I’ve dealt with these types of issues for years, trying anything I could get my hands on to reverse it.  Fights that happen between my boyfriend and I really come down to my insecurities with myself.  I have recognized this.  I will find happiness with myself.  This challenge felt like a calling, so I answered.

The low down is that you have to practice 6 times a week (5 being in the studio and one can be on your own) and you get one day off.  You attend a group meeting to go over the lessons for the week.  You have to purchase the 40 days book, meditate twice daily (starting at 5 minutes in week 1, then increase by 5 minutes) and mindfully eat.  The first day was the day after the marathon, I was extremely sore but I didn’t want the first day to be my day off.  I knew the second day soreness would set in on Tuesday, so I knew that would probably be my day off.  I’m so glad I went! We fit 100 yogis in one room – 200 lungs breathing in sync with each other. It was so motivating! It was hot…extremely hot (I had to take my shirt off because I was sweating so much), but I loved it. I was able to let go the disappointments from the race and embrace a new day and new challenges. I knew I had made the right decision starting this challenge!   I selected to be in the #40daysgamechangers group.  There are 10 separate groups with 50 yogis in each.  That’s a lot of energy!  I chose the Game Changers because that was what I was trying to accomplish in my life.  To change the way I think about things – change my own game.  Fitting right? 😀

40days 40days_2 40days_5

I have made it to week two still pumped and ready to continue on.  I even signed up for their Energy Exchange program – which basically is volunteering with BIG for 4 hours a week and receive free yoga in return.  I’m so excited about this off season and what is to come in finding my happiness and myself.  2015 I finally feel ready for you!


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